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I was born in Roseburg, Oregon. When I was in the 4thgrade, we moved to a small town outside of Reno called Yerington, Nevada. Afterhigh school I joined the Air Force to become an Aircraft Maintainer in Augustof 1998. I was stationed at Pope Air Force Base, North Carolina as my firstbase. In 2002 I was reassigned to Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska, where Istayed until moving to Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas in 2005.  After spending nine amazing years there andfalling in love with local area, the Air Force decided to ship me of to KadenaAir Base, Okinawa, Japan. In 2017 I was once again reassigned to Royal AirForce Mildenhall, England. I retired from the Air Force in September of 2018after spending 20 years in dedication to the country. After the Air Force I movedback to Cabot, Arkansas to stay near Little Rock Air Force Base and continueworking in aircraft maintenance as a contractor. I became a real estate agentin April of 2021. I have had a passion for real estate ever since I purchasedmy first house in 2005. I am also well versed in military relocations andfamiliar with all things military related from my time in the service.Additionally, I am knowledgeable with the VA home buying process.

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