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Billie Howard

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Meet Billie Howard, a seasoned executive broker with over four decades of experience in the real estate industry. With a passion for helping clients find their dream homes and investment properties, she has earned a reputation for her professionalism, integrity, and unparalleled MarketKnowledge.

Beyond her thriving career, Billie finds solace and joy in thenatural world. As an avid gardener, she delights in cultivating vibrant bloomsand lush greenery, creating serene oases of beauty around her home. Her lovefor gardening extends to her appreciation for all living things, reflected inher dedication to caring for animals, both domestic and wild.

In her downtime, you'll often find her in the kitchen,experimenting with new recipes and flavors. Cooking is not just a hobby forher; it's a creative outlet where she can express her love for food and sharememorable experiences with family and friends.

But she doesn't stop there. She is also deeply committed togiving back to her community as a longstanding member of Kiwanis. Through thisorganization, she has had the opportunity to make a positive impact on thelives of others, whether through volunteering, fundraising, or organizingcommunity events.

Learn more here: billiehoward.c21.com

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